Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photographer Aron Norman Forms Avant-Gard Theater Troupe--World Applauds

Ok, not really. But don't we look like one in this photo? Truth is, it was Aron's birthday and after a long day of shooting, we were getting just a leeeeetle punchy towards the end of the day.
Those scarves are part of the new RRR line from Rachel Roy. And even with our poor attempts at styling them, you can still get a hint of how cool her new pieces really are. And the best part? This offshoot line is affordable enough to warrant a splurge, even in a recession. Afterall, a girl's gotta wear SOMETHING, right?

Big thanks to Shootdigital for the upgrade to a bigger studio to accommodate our crew!

Where In the World is Photographer, Peter Rosa?

Feel like something has been missing lately, but can't put your finger on it? If it's not the summer sunshine it may just be the presence of a certain photographer and a certain location van. For the past week and a half, photographer Peter Rosa and cohort, Daniel Weiner have been making their way across the country. And this was no regular pilgrimage west--no sir.

Meet Shootdigital's location vehicle extrordinaire THE COYOTE.
It will be stationed in L. A. for the next 6 weeks so be sure to give Daniel a ring to hook yourself up with a free tour (just call shootdigital at 212.353.3330)

And if you really are feeling a looming void since those boys left, fret not. They have been chronicling their (mis)adventures via video and also on the shootdigital blog. Once the video has been edited you can bet your buttons we'll be posting that here to share.

For now, be sure to friend Daniel on facebook to catch pictures of the latest gastronomically daring attempt they've made on their stomachs . We don't want to give too much away....but when you stop at a BBQ joint located in the parking lot of a certain kind of questionable establishment, you need to call on some true American grit to see you through!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Peter Rosa Makes Us Fall for Fall Colors (and Sarah Parr)

So maybe we are rushing things a bit. It is, after all not even Sept 1st, but we just can't help ourselves. We are--sigh--in love with the new fall makeup. We think you will be too once you see it, even if it means the end of those long lazy beach days. Take a gander below as Peter Rosa captures Sarah Parr working it for fall. And don't despair--summer is like that cat--it always comes back.

More of his work here and here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chris Fanning Says Shape Up or Ship Out.

Well, not exactly--he's no meanie. But we here at Seed do want to remind you to continue your workout routine even after summer's rays are but a distant memory.

May we suggest picking up the latest Shape Magazine Fitness DVD (see pic below)? It's got some serious moves that may or may not be possible in a NYC apartment. We think it sounds like a fun adventure to try at least once anyway.

And below are a list of possible excuses you can use when your roommate comes home and finds the apartment trashed after your cardio kickboxing and strength training routine is complete.

1. there was a freak earthquake that only seemed to shake this one apartment!
2. those darn rats!
3. so i got a cat to help with the rats (see above). i know i should have checked with you first especially since it wrecked the place. good thing i took it back, right?
4. the mta!
5. I told you it REALLY upsets me when you leave your hair in the drain (and then flex your new giant muscles).

More of CHRIS FANNING'S work.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marcqui Akins' on the Virtues of Music and Photography

There is a highly controversial text attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, entitled Leonardo On Painting. In it, there is put forth the argument that, painting, amongst all forms of perception, is of the highest. Well, that's all well and good, but Leo never got to see color photographs of up and coming rap artists, now did he? Guessing he also wasn't too privy with the whole east coast/west coast beef.

We will let the reader take a peek and judge this one for yourselves. And may we suggest rapper Rocett's own playlist, here.

Of course, more of Marcqui Akins work can be found at

More from Fox's TCA Event: Marc Kelly in the HOUSE (courtesy of Aron Norman)

Had to share another gem from Aron Norman's shoot for FOX's TCA event. Here is digital tech extraordinaire, Marc Kelly taking some time out, well, uh...Here's Marc Kelly, folks!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aron Norman: Full of Glee Shooting Fox's TCA Event

And did we mention it is in L.A.? Along with Shootdigital's tech, Marc Kelly, our team was hard at work to help Fox promote it's new fall lineup.
Hard at work when they weren't hanging out with the famous cast of Glee, that is! As you can see, Aron Norman fits in perfectly. Ok well, with a black shirt he might not fit in completely perfectly, but don't hate. His red shirt was just in the wash that day. Besides, everyone in New York wears black, right?
If any of the Glee writers are out there listening, we think Aron could make for a great addition to the show (when he isn't shooting, of course!).

More of Aron Norman at work on his new personal site here.
And if you just can't get enough of him, please be sure to check out his work at seed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fish Out of Water: Justin Jay Shoots Pro Surfer, Stephanie Gilmore in NYC

This is so embarrassing. We noticed that the blog hasn't been updated in an inexcusable amount of time. Thankfully it means we have saved bunches and bunches of new material that we will be hitting you with so be sure to keep us on your reading lists.

Starting things off is the summer-inspired story from one of our newest photographers, Justin Jay.

Justin Jay captures 2007 2008 ASP Women's World Champion surfer, Stephanie Gilmore on dry land.
Above and below are some shots of the Aussie's first visit to NYC.
And HERE is a link Surfline's story about her time in the big apple (she gives some great tips on surf spots so be sure to check it out as well).

Dip your feet into the rest of Justin Jay's work below:

Justin Jay
Justin Jay's personal site

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sugar High: Peter Ross and Justin Jay Shoot for Sobe's Summer Fridays

What an event! Peter Ross and Justin Jay were asked to create wonderful portraits as a celebration of Sobe and simultaneously ROCK OUT. That's right, kids, our photographers pulled off the nearly impossible proverbial task of chewing their bubble gum, AND walk down the street (WITH a swagger, we might add).
Sobe's Summer Fridays , organized by Epiphany Media was quite the to-do of the summer. There was music, dancing, artwork, and of course, Sobe refreshments for the taking.
The event was held at Stephan Weiss Studio in the west village. Thanks to a great team of hair and makeup, and with an amazing Seed Reps photo crew behind them, the beautiful people were made even more so.
With the help of Shootdigital's sd: i department, giant prints of the photographers work was also on hand making appearances in the forms of Chloe Sevigney, Outkast and Tommy Lee (among others).

Peter Ross's work on display at the event.

Justin Jay takes a moment to take in the view from the model's perspective.

Right before the start of the event--notice the mood lighting?

Peter Ross prepping the next victim...I mean SUBJECT!

Prepping for a portrait.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Fanning scores more than love shooting Serena Williams (get it? get it?!)

fresh from her wimbledon win,
chris fanning catches the tennis star, Serena Williams, in action.

YOU can catch more of his work below!

chris fanning
personal site

Monday, July 13, 2009

100th Post! Let's Party!

Ok, so we don't have an actual party scheduled. If we did you would, of course, all be invited! We even have the letterhead picked out--gold plated, recycled paper in the palest of baby blues. We think it says classy, modern and totally environmentally friendly, right?

But enough about the party that WILL be. Here are some pics of the party that was. Our latest moments on the town at the ROOT Studio/Resource Magazine Party. It coincided with the night Michael Jackson died so in addition to seeing all our friends we also got serenaded to the King of Pop's greatest hits. Ah, Brooklyn.

Producer, Tracey Carl rockin out!

Stylist Linette McCown and photographer, Jeronimo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Linden Elstran Makes it Worth The Trek a magical land called "Red Hook." Now, you may have heard legends about Red Hook. You may have even heard that it was mythical. Not true, my friends, not true.
Red Hook is as real as you and me and we even have an "in" with one of the natives--our very own prop stylist, Linden Elstran. She and her hubby prepare a daily feast at their new gastro pub, Fort Defiance.

Tantalizing still life below to illustrate as well as intriguing reviews to tempt even the least adventurous patron.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chris Fanning Takes Kickboxing to Another Level

And that level is a rooftop in LA. Not content to sit and contemplate the view, Chris put on an entire fitness shoot. What do you think? Did he take fitness shoots heights???

Ok, that gem of a joke didn't go over too well in the office either but it's the end of the day--gotta go with what you got, right? Hopefully Chris's picture below will make you forget that stain on our--until now--flawless blog. If not, perhaps a couple rounds in a ring with our friend below will help convince you!*

*seed reps in no way condones acts of violence. empty threats, however are pretty much ok.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Glamour! The Glitz! Behind the beguiling brilliance besieging the offices of Seed Reps.

Perhaps we went a bit overboard in our touting above. Then again, once you see how devastating good looking our office is, maybe, we didn't go far enough.....
Truth be told this video is a bit dated but still fun (we think). You'll notice that we have added several photographers and a hair stylist to our roster so another episode is due out soon.

Hopefully we'll see you on-set soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dressed for Success: Peter Rosa's Latest Video Shoot

What do you get when you combine a beautiful woman, cool clothes, Shootdigital Studios and the direction of our photographer and videographer PETER ROSA? Answer below.

And don't worry, more of them fancy "moving pictures" coming soon. Next time we'll even bring popcorn to share.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Georgia O'Keeffe: Peter Rosa's Latest Shoot Blossoms on the pages of Chic Today

We are excited to share Peter Rosa's latest story in the british magazine, CHIC TODAY. If the ancient Greeks were alive today and saw this story, we are pretty sure that they would have added an eighth category to the 7 Arts.
This one definitely gives painters out there a run for their money (see gauntlet thrown down to Ms. O'Keeffe. Oh yes--thrown down!)

Click on THIS link to see the whole story.

Peter Rosa had a great team behind him including Tonya Noland at Mark Edward Inc, Lana Chui as wardrobe stylist, as well as a hairstylist from Artmix Beauty.
And Ganna at Elite blew us away with her moves--get that girl a campaign before someone else snatches her up!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never Frazzled, Marcqui Akins Shoots Eva Scrivo's New Salon for Vanity Fair

Building off of his love for sophisticated locations, Marcqui Akins highlights (pun very much intended) a couple pieces from the very chic new Eva Scrivo Salon, for Vanity Fair this month. A teaser below--full story here.