Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did you say "B. O.?" NO, silly! BIOS!

And they are definitely fresh. Just wanted to help you all in getting to know our artists. We think they are pretty darn cool. Don't believe us? Be sure to check them out yourselves starting with their short bios. They are listed under each artists' name as a separate section on our website.

Want more? You'll just have to catch us around town or hire us on a job. Tomorrow we will be at Sin Sin Lounge for the Adhesive event starting around 6:30pm. Come find us! We are well versed in most dance steps and topics in current events so we are sure to make for some excellent company (but we never, never talk about the weather).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Aron Norman--An excellent Travel Companion

Unfortunately for the world, cloning has not yet been perfected so there is, sadly, only one Aron Norman out there for everyone to share. Luckily for the world he likes to travel so we all get a chance to hang out with him no matter what hemisphere we find ourselves residing.

Case in point, here are some more of Aron's travel pics from his recent shoot out in Australia. All pics are available for resale but looking, of course, is absolutely free!