Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chris Fanning Says Shape Up or Ship Out.

Well, not exactly--he's no meanie. But we here at Seed do want to remind you to continue your workout routine even after summer's rays are but a distant memory.

May we suggest picking up the latest Shape Magazine Fitness DVD (see pic below)? It's got some serious moves that may or may not be possible in a NYC apartment. We think it sounds like a fun adventure to try at least once anyway.

And below are a list of possible excuses you can use when your roommate comes home and finds the apartment trashed after your cardio kickboxing and strength training routine is complete.

1. there was a freak earthquake that only seemed to shake this one apartment!
2. those darn rats!
3. so i got a cat to help with the rats (see above). i know i should have checked with you first especially since it wrecked the place. good thing i took it back, right?
4. the mta!
5. I told you it REALLY upsets me when you leave your hair in the drain (and then flex your new giant muscles).

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