Friday, August 7, 2009

Aron Norman: Full of Glee Shooting Fox's TCA Event

And did we mention it is in L.A.? Along with Shootdigital's tech, Marc Kelly, our team was hard at work to help Fox promote it's new fall lineup.
Hard at work when they weren't hanging out with the famous cast of Glee, that is! As you can see, Aron Norman fits in perfectly. Ok well, with a black shirt he might not fit in completely perfectly, but don't hate. His red shirt was just in the wash that day. Besides, everyone in New York wears black, right?
If any of the Glee writers are out there listening, we think Aron could make for a great addition to the show (when he isn't shooting, of course!).

More of Aron Norman at work on his new personal site here.
And if you just can't get enough of him, please be sure to check out his work at seed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fish Out of Water: Justin Jay Shoots Pro Surfer, Stephanie Gilmore in NYC

This is so embarrassing. We noticed that the blog hasn't been updated in an inexcusable amount of time. Thankfully it means we have saved bunches and bunches of new material that we will be hitting you with so be sure to keep us on your reading lists.

Starting things off is the summer-inspired story from one of our newest photographers, Justin Jay.

Justin Jay captures 2007 2008 ASP Women's World Champion surfer, Stephanie Gilmore on dry land.
Above and below are some shots of the Aussie's first visit to NYC.
And HERE is a link Surfline's story about her time in the big apple (she gives some great tips on surf spots so be sure to check it out as well).

Dip your feet into the rest of Justin Jay's work below:

Justin Jay
Justin Jay's personal site