Friday, January 30, 2009

A Pacifist's Dilema: Tracey Carl attends a Fashion War by ZOOZOOM Magazine

Tracey and Linette strike a pose.

As long as the fight happens with sequins and feathers, leather and lipstick, we can excuse a war, so long it is a FASHION WAR! And the fashion warriors came out in full armor last night at ZooZoom Magazine's 3rd Fashion Wars hosted by Ultra Lounge. Tracey Carl attended with friend and stylist Linette McCown and the gloves were off once they got in front of the camera. The bar was set high to compete with other guests for the glory and the glamor of winning Fashion Wars. Fingers crossed they remain "sold out."

The voting continues for 3 weeks so please be sure to log on and vote (preferably for Linette and Tracey of course!) Just click on the image you like best out of the 2 pictures in front of you.


Also be sure to check out Linette McCown's stylist portfolio.

Tracey and Linette--Fashion Rumble!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aron Norman Leaves A Light On

And thank goodness in this dreary weather to have something warm to look at. Heads up that Aron is headed to Australia in March and we will be displaying pictures from his travels for sure. He does already have some work planned but if you happen to be on the other side of the world in need of a fashion photographer, please give us a ring!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Keeping the Ball Rolling (DISCO Ball, That Is)

Aron Norman put together a collection of some pics he snapped of his very favorite disco balls (maturity people, please). And just to beat you all to the punch we have included our own favorite puns and sayings for you to meditate on while you enjoy the pictures, below. See if you can guess the missing word!

Meditation #1: The Bell of the _ _ _ _:

Meditation # 2, 3, 4: As horny as a three _ _ _ _ ed tomcat:

Meditation #6: _ _ _ _ to the wall:

Meditation #7: Wow! These dancers are sure on the _ _ _ _ and that's no _ _ _ ony! (hint remove an l from the last one).

Ok--now your turn to share your favorite!