Monday, July 27, 2009

Sugar High: Peter Ross and Justin Jay Shoot for Sobe's Summer Fridays

What an event! Peter Ross and Justin Jay were asked to create wonderful portraits as a celebration of Sobe and simultaneously ROCK OUT. That's right, kids, our photographers pulled off the nearly impossible proverbial task of chewing their bubble gum, AND walk down the street (WITH a swagger, we might add).
Sobe's Summer Fridays , organized by Epiphany Media was quite the to-do of the summer. There was music, dancing, artwork, and of course, Sobe refreshments for the taking.
The event was held at Stephan Weiss Studio in the west village. Thanks to a great team of hair and makeup, and with an amazing Seed Reps photo crew behind them, the beautiful people were made even more so.
With the help of Shootdigital's sd: i department, giant prints of the photographers work was also on hand making appearances in the forms of Chloe Sevigney, Outkast and Tommy Lee (among others).

Peter Ross's work on display at the event.

Justin Jay takes a moment to take in the view from the model's perspective.

Right before the start of the event--notice the mood lighting?

Peter Ross prepping the next victim...I mean SUBJECT!

Prepping for a portrait.....