Friday, March 13, 2009

Marcqui Akin's Newest Spring Shoot

Really, what do the Ancient Greek sculptors have on this? We, of course, have the utmost respect for those old guys but we are pretty sure that if they were alive today they would have to give us some snaps for Marcqui Akins' latest shoot.

Making fitness gear and working out look way better then it ever does at the actual gym, Marcqui's shoot reminds us that sweating can definitely be good for you.

Want more? Visit the rest of Marcqui's work here.

Everything Is Better With Bacon

And our producer, Daniel Weiner. Strangely, none of our fashion shooters felt this way and so this accessory will not be making it into any of their shoots (at least not anytime soon).

Be sure to keep watching our blog, regardless of the breakfast side dishes. We have a couple shoots in production that are sure to be more vegetarian friendly.

Leave us a note and lett us know how your Friday is treating you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Madness with Our Friends. From Seed Reps Production to You!

Not sure what you are up to this month but here's an idea. Have a photo shoot that is big on dreams but short on cash? No worries! Our friends at Shootdigital are reducing their rates to $500 for the month of March.

We thought it might be a reaction from the margaritas Hector makes over there. But they are actually doing it to help clients who may be experiencing a pinch to their budgets. Don't worry--the recession has not affected Margarita Fridays (but we hear that day of the week is filling up the quickest...)

Anyway, figured we'd spread the word--hope it helps you out for your next shoot!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We See London, We See France. Peter Rosa Shows Us Some (Pretty) Underpants.

No offense meant to Peter of course, but we are happy that the underpants--more accurately, lingerie of course-- are being modeled by professionals. Taking a peek below I'm sure you can see why by this fantastic fashion story on location.

It may still officially be winter outside but these ladies remind us how to save on your gas and electric bill (by turning up the heat in other ways).

More of his work here: Peter Rosa

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marcqui Akins: A Different Sort of Beauty

Below are some picks from Marcqui Akin's latest beauty story. Startled that a beauty story could be, well, this interesting? We were too, but we love that he keeps reinventing the wheel.

His story below is based on the premise that our heroine (model, Jordan Richardson from Elite) mistrusts her man. Torn apart with suspicion she sulks, lounges and digs through the apartment searching for evidence of deceit, and looking, of course, absolutely fabulous at the same time. Don't believe me? The pictures below don't lie.

Retouching courtesy of Shootdigital. They do amazing work--you can contact there here for your next project!