Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where In the World is Photographer, Peter Rosa?

Feel like something has been missing lately, but can't put your finger on it? If it's not the summer sunshine it may just be the presence of a certain photographer and a certain location van. For the past week and a half, photographer Peter Rosa and cohort, Daniel Weiner have been making their way across the country. And this was no regular pilgrimage west--no sir.

Meet Shootdigital's location vehicle extrordinaire THE COYOTE.
It will be stationed in L. A. for the next 6 weeks so be sure to give Daniel a ring to hook yourself up with a free tour (just call shootdigital at 212.353.3330)

And if you really are feeling a looming void since those boys left, fret not. They have been chronicling their (mis)adventures via video and also on the shootdigital blog. Once the video has been edited you can bet your buttons we'll be posting that here to share.

For now, be sure to friend Daniel on facebook to catch pictures of the latest gastronomically daring attempt they've made on their stomachs . We don't want to give too much away....but when you stop at a BBQ joint located in the parking lot of a certain kind of questionable establishment, you need to call on some true American grit to see you through!

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