Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from All Of Us!

in honor of our closest clients, seed reps has made a donation to the northwest behavioral associates.

this organization helps to support individuals and families living with autism through specialized education and therepy programs. to learn more about the work they do please visit their website: nba

hope your holiday season is merry and warm and to work with you again soon.

randi, tracey, daniel, and all the seed photographers

Friday, December 19, 2008

Aron Norman's Latest Ad Campaign: Donna Karan Resort Collection

Just wanted to share with you a couple of the latest shots from the Donna Karan Resort Collection that photographer, Aron Norman just shot. Hopefully they make you think of warmer beach days amidst all this snow (not that it isn't lovely). You can check out the full campaign with credits here: www.lebook.com/lacreative

Monday, December 15, 2008

Peter Rosa Gets Cheeky with Chic Today

We here are so proud to share with you, photographer Peter Rosa's, latest COVER story for the the fashion magazine CHIC TODAY. Finding the current economic climate a bit of a challenge on your fashion closet? Then this story is definitely worth taking a peek at. The fashion ain't cheap but it is chock full of ideas on how investing in a couple key pieces and accessories can really extend the fashion miles on your closet. Start your engines.....

Full story is here fresh off the press: click me, click me click me!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Peter Ross ADVOCATE(s) for his newest subject, musician Cameron Carpenter

Peter Ross recently had the opportunity to shoot the organ dilettante Cameron Carpenter for the December issue of The Advocate. Not one to be pinned down by what you think an organist should be (Carpenter studies dance and often incorporates Swarovski crystals into his wardrobe), capturing all that is Cameron Carpenter into one single photo definitely would be a challenge for any photographer. Luckily, Peter Ross was able to bestow not one, but two great images of the artist in a couple (relatively) quieter moments for his fans. We have included two of his shots below to share along with a link to the full article, here.

Please be sure to pick up The Advocate so you can see them in person!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: Aron Norman proves why DJ Lina Might be Just What the Doctor Ordered

In case you've been running low, here's a prescription refill for our readers of the latest work from Aron Norman. Pretty powerful stuff so make sure to look at them one at a time, take with water, and avoid operating heavy machinery while viewing.
If you need more images to get your fix, you can click here for the keys to the full candy store.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Aron Norman's Urban Warrior Shoot

Something lurks in the parks and green spaces in New York City.... and that something is extremely, extremely fashionable. Shot entirely at night in Central Park, Aron Norman and his crew risked life and limb battling the brush and nocturnal predators to bring you the following story. Urban Warriors, indeed.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Peter Rosa's new ZOOZOOM Story sure has a great head on its shoulders.

And after you see the Neck and Neck fashion story on ZOOZOOM we think you will definitely agree. No photo finish needed to see who the winner is for this shoot!

And for those fashion novices please make sure to read the story that goes along with the images--you may just get some fun facts to use at your next cocktail party!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Seed Reps Have a Howlin Good Time at the Shootdigital Party

..helping to launch the new location van for shootdigital--the Coyote. Our photographer Aron Norman lent a hand by embracing his alter-ego DJ persona (in the guise of Madonna) to keep the music and the energy coming. There was a collective "awww" from the crowd when he had to finally put away the turntables, but don't worry folks, we'll let you know about his next gig for sure!

As you can see, there was some serious creativity put into the costumes. Shootdigital will be posting the rest of the pictures soon and we'll definitely share that link as soon as we have it...just keep checking in.

Special thanks to Marc Kelly, and Joanna for the contribution of the pics, Randi for keeping us safe from the dark side, Peter Rosa for helping shape the civilized world, Tracey for not believing in global warning and Daniel for continuing to rock and roll.

And, of course a big thanks to the folks at Shootdigital for putting the whole party together!

Randi Mitev and her gang.

Peter Rosa and friends

Aron Norman DJing

Aron Norman DJing, as MADONNA

Randi Mitev and her husband (as Princess Amidala and Captain America, respectively)

Daniel Weiner takes a quiet moment from the party to perfect this cool lean (it is sooo Jordan Catalano, right?)

Some of the characters of the night. Can you recognize who they are?

No animals were harmed in the making of Tracey's hat. The ultimate accessory for a maverick alaskan.

Peter Rosa with Joanna Hoepner, head of retouching at Shootdigital.

Randi Mitev and some troublemakers in the Seed Office.


Man, Prince was so cool and down-to-earth, you could almost forget what a huge rock-star he is. Here he is posing for a photo opp with Tracey Carl

Daniel Weiner looking like a genuine rock-star (Slash).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Location, Location, Location. Where to be this Halloween.

So, we are so excited about the event that our friends at Shootdigital are putting on to celebrate their new location van and wanted to share it with all our clients and confidantes. Our photographers are itching to try it out and we can't wait for it to be unveiled! We would love to see you there--hopefully you can recognize us-- it is a COSTUME party, afterall!
Please be sure to RSVP.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mimi K's Story in Own Magazine: PRADA, A Part of DNA

We know that you are all probably still basking in the glow of Peter Rosa's story so hopefully another dose of our artists' work won't jostle you out of that dreamworld of nocturnal high fashion bliss. However, now that the fashion weeks around the world are coming to a close we wanted to gently remind you of some of the major players when it comes to putting together a look--the accessory.
Case in point: Mimi K shot a beautiful piece for Own Magazine that has only just come out on newstands (Issue #6). In case you aren't able to pick it up right away at your local shop, we included it below (although it is even more impressive in person). Indulge to your hearts' contents.

And for even more of Mimi K's work try her online portfolio.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peter Rosa's Fashion Story Chosen for the Cover of ZooZoom

So, the full story doesn't get posted until next week but we just could not possibly wait that long to share the news.

Peter Rosa's latest fashion story has been chosen as the cover of October's ZooZoom.com! It will be a whole week until they post the full story so we hope that you can amuse yourselves by playing a round or two of Fashion Wars on their site until then (we know we have been). You can also check in on our updated portfolios and let us know what you think: www.seedreps.com

We have some more fabulous news and images waiting in the wings so be sure to check back regularly. We'd hate for you to miss a thing. :)

To see more of Peter Rosa's work please click here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Peter Ross and the Art of Bookmaking

Just as the right frame can work to the advantage of the painting it holds, so too can this be said for the relationship between a photo and it's printing. If our readers find that statement a bit too abstract and, dare we say, pretentious (?) perhaps they would benefit from a real-world example?
Please direct your eyes further down the page where we are proud to share the newest project from our portrait photographer, Peter Ross. Given a gorgeous framework, Peter's portraits of celebrities and artists shine even brighter in the new book published by NewPage on Centura Paper entitled Centura, Very Intriguing Paper.

We think you'll agree that even without the benefit of the fantastic paper, Peter Ross's images still resonate.

To see even more of Peter Ross's work please click here and here.