Monday, January 12, 2009

A Mystery No More! Top 5 Records: Randi Mitev

We love that you keep coming back for more here on the Seed Reps OFFICIAL blog (remember--don't be fooled by any imitations). In our commitment to keep you entertained and better acquainted with the individuals of Seed Reps, we will be beginning a new series of posts this week, starting with Randi Mitev. Below are Randi's favorite top 5 albums along with a sample link to hear each. What better way to peruse our portfolios while rocking out to our favorite jams? We think you should try them all out!

1. david bowie: changes one bowie

2. tears for fears: the seeds of love

3. pink floyd: dark side of the moon

4. seal (1994)

5. supertramp: breakfast in america

OK--well we showed you ours--now you show us yours! Leave a note with your top 5 albums of all time below.