Monday, November 3, 2008

Seed Reps Have a Howlin Good Time at the Shootdigital Party

..helping to launch the new location van for shootdigital--the Coyote. Our photographer Aron Norman lent a hand by embracing his alter-ego DJ persona (in the guise of Madonna) to keep the music and the energy coming. There was a collective "awww" from the crowd when he had to finally put away the turntables, but don't worry folks, we'll let you know about his next gig for sure!

As you can see, there was some serious creativity put into the costumes. Shootdigital will be posting the rest of the pictures soon and we'll definitely share that link as soon as we have it...just keep checking in.

Special thanks to Marc Kelly, and Joanna for the contribution of the pics, Randi for keeping us safe from the dark side, Peter Rosa for helping shape the civilized world, Tracey for not believing in global warning and Daniel for continuing to rock and roll.

And, of course a big thanks to the folks at Shootdigital for putting the whole party together!

Randi Mitev and her gang.

Peter Rosa and friends

Aron Norman DJing

Aron Norman DJing, as MADONNA

Randi Mitev and her husband (as Princess Amidala and Captain America, respectively)

Daniel Weiner takes a quiet moment from the party to perfect this cool lean (it is sooo Jordan Catalano, right?)

Some of the characters of the night. Can you recognize who they are?

No animals were harmed in the making of Tracey's hat. The ultimate accessory for a maverick alaskan.

Peter Rosa with Joanna Hoepner, head of retouching at Shootdigital.

Randi Mitev and some troublemakers in the Seed Office.


Man, Prince was so cool and down-to-earth, you could almost forget what a huge rock-star he is. Here he is posing for a photo opp with Tracey Carl

Daniel Weiner looking like a genuine rock-star (Slash).